Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sometimes Fitness Friday Falls on a Saturday


So a week of struggle followed by a St. Paddy's Weekend that I did not fair to well.   The goals for day 15-22 went well, even lost 1.5 pounds, short of my 3 pound goal, but I was walking more and eating right so I felt great.  Then came the goals for days 22-29!  I went with intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast(coffee only), adding some more pushups, and drinking gluten free beer on St Paddy's Day weekend.  Success!(actually a fail), Fail, and Fail is how that all went.

While I did follow the no breakfast for the 7 days, I noticed that I was still on the up side of my weekly weight( I measured Friday morning), so it caused me to overeat and add in nightly snacks that I wasn't eating as much before.  Then add on my Saturday of a few Gluten filled beers, burgers, and pizza and this week was on the wrong side.  Sunday I ate whatever I felt like and despite playing basketball for fitness, I still ate poorly, I was better on Monday as far as the items I ate, but still overate the healthy items.  So with all of that great stuff going on in my body, I'm sure you guessed it, I gained weight, from the scales perspective, I went back to the 228 mark, so an overall 4 pound gain from the previous Tuesday.

So I made 3 goals to get back to when I felt best the previous week.  1 goal was to eat Breakfast each morning.  I put down bacon and eggs, but any paleo filled breakfast should do the trick.  I also wanted to include my 25 pushups again, since I'm not doing any weight work, I need to have some push and pull exercise besides my dog pulling my arm off while we "walk".  Lastly, I decided that I was getting to dependent on coffee, so a 7 day hiatus was the ticket.  I started Tuesday expecting to be tired and have a headache, well only 1 happened and I was in bed immediately after I ate my dinner.  So I am changing my coffee plans to at least mix it up this week, maybe some tea, a fruit and veggie smoothie, just not the same thing every morning before work.  

Here's to reaching goals and getting back on track, because like finance, fitness is all about behaviors, and here's to improving mine!

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