Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Owning a Home-Buying Appliances

Finance is about saving money and making money.  !So viva la casa y la finanzas! 

Today after some research we have decided to buy our appliances for our home.  We are buying appliances for the rental Unit 1 and for our Unit 2.  We looked at Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, basically all the big box stores.  We ended up going with a place closer to home and recommended by our contractor, Abt.com.  They have great appliance packages, we were told and researched that Frigidaire is a good brand and less expensive than the other major appliances.  The house did come with a brand new GE stove so a stove was not needed in the package.  This is the package we purchased for right around $900 not including tax.

Since we wanted an upgrade and the wife wanted something a little nicer and not to forget we will be living in the house for the foreseeable future, we went with a GE stainless steel package, shown below.  This package is right around $2300 not including tax.

So all said and done right around $3400 with tax to have all the appliances on both floors, I'm happy with that.  We will also be purchasing a Washer and Dryer in the near future but that's for another day, Labor Day to be exact.

So the results here was to do our research, ask for recommendations, and go with what we liked.  In the end I like our decision.

 Wondering how we paid for it?  Me too!  I'm just kidding.  We used our Citibank Dividend Credit Card(I hate Citibank, strong words I know), but we are only using this card since I've had it for quite some time to put all of our house expenses under one roof(funny guy over here).  We will be paying the card off fully each month, I have almost the entire amount saved up from my eBay business, the rest will be paid from savings.  I know we can get better cash back and such, but we just bought the house and to go through the hassle of applying with new addresses and researching which card is better all for a small amount of money is not worth it for me.  I will fight another battle, another day, with another financial institution.  Viva la finanzas!

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