Friday, May 10, 2013

Bachelor Party Spending

Bachelor Party Spending

I am in the middle of my debt sprint and what should happen to come up but a bachelor party. So here's the dilemma do I say no sir I'm saving and paying off debt or do I say lets roll fellas and spend some dollars, well the answer is in the middle.

To start the BP=bachelor party is in Minnesota, I don't own a car and BP costs $! Well I live in Chicago so the path is Chicago to Milwaukee to Minnesota. So there are many paths to get there rent a car, take a bus, taxi, train, heck I could even hitch hike, but safety first kids! So I'm hauling a duffle bag and golf clubs so not the easiest luggage to carry around. I started with the metra which cost me a total of $3 to get to Union Station and then what's right there but Amtrak for a one way trip to Milwaukee for $24, so I haven't surged with a plane trip or take a taxi to the train station I'm at $27 in travel and $5 in breakfast, I will then share a ride and gas up to MN which round trip should cost $100 total or $50 for me, so not so bad a total of about $80 in travel costs.
Now lets not forget the strippers, gambling, drinking, and sleeping in the penthouse, sounds like The Hangover! I actually think most of that is just crazy, I'm trying to save money and be married for 30 years, she would kill me if I did more than 2 of those, so lets be smart. But how do you not spend money on this trip, well besides not going you set a budget and make it all cash:). Cash is king.

So like a friend made me leave all my debit and credit cards on our way to the gentlemens club one night in my younger and stupider days, it saved me a lot of money that night but that's another story for another day. But i will be leaving all debit and credit cards in the hotel im calling it thr DomRicketts aka leave your credit and debits at home. So I'm going up with a budget for hotel, a couple activities, and what's ever left over is my fun money for gambling. So I have $$50 for hotel, $50 for golf, $20 for bowling, and $30 for food, leaving me $50 for gambling, it's a tight budget and now that I wrote it down very important need an extra $50 for drinks! Dang ok regroup and sum this up travel $80, food and drink $80, hotel $50, activities $70, gambling $50, Total $330!!!!!
Is this all worth it? I would usually say no, I don't make enough money or save enough to do this, but I have not seen this friend since I left Wisconsin so at least 3 years, so I would spend that just to visit and see him, so yes it's worth it, it's a 1 time expense to see friends and without people you care about its not worth it to me.

So have a bachelor party or bachelorette party make sure to know your budget, bring all cash, DomRicketts your plastic, and make sure it's for a good friend or family member. Oh yeah have fun!!!!

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