Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creating a Business-Multiple Avenues, Multiple Streams-60 Days on Fire

Squeezing me for my wallet!
I just got back from vacation from visiting Disney World and watching my Brother In-Law's graduate from high school, Congrats Omar and Jesse!!!!(If you read my blog that is, haha).  I will get into some of the saving and extra spending in another post I did during this vacation, hint Mickey and Minnie killed me.

Reading a comment from my previous post I realized I need to talk about and write about what I will be doing over the next 60 days and beyond.  I will be taking the steps to start an online clothing company, where I will be selling new and used clothing.  I heard a quote when starting a business, of course I can't find it right now to give them credit, but starting out, "I want you to put as much work as you would in 2 years into the first 60 days".  Sounds crazy right???  Absolutely does to me, that's why I'm doing it!!! I'm a big believer in if it was easy everyone would do it, so I'm hoping this is going to be terrible!

So my business plan is to acquire and sell clothing online, first with eBay, mixed in with Storenvy, and possibly Etsy, that's to be determined, the majority of the items for sale will be on eBay with a small mix in Storenvy.  All of this will be done in 60 days, the 60 day of Fire launch will be on June 9th and will go until August 7th, after this I will take a 2 week break and get all nerdy and put together spreadsheets, some ongoing, about what sells for brands, price, best days to sell, etc.  I also plan on really working on a process to see how long things take and if any of this can be done by others or is me doing all the work.

Delay in Writing for a couple days, work will do that to you.

So the 60 day launch has begun, not of course with some obstacles.  I currently have around 75 items for sale found on the link above.  The obstacles included not having Internet for a couple days, we only use a Wi-Fi card and I left it in Miami and work always gets in the way.  So because of the promotions offered by eBay I used a majority of Buy It Now(just like it sounds) and only a few Auction with the Buy It Now option.  Another recent promotion will allow me to list the rest of my items available which is about 20 or 30 over the next couple days with what I have used the majority of the time with the 7 day Auction and Buy It Now.  I will continue to keep buying and keep listing, but so far i'm on Day 6 and things are on there way up

I'm on pace to sell an item a day with what I have currently listed, which needs to be a larger number, but with some of my Auctions ending on Sunday, this number should pick up.  60 Days on Fire has begun!!!!

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