Friday, March 7, 2014

Fitness Friday-Go Eat a Steak

So I promised myself and all the millions and millions of readers out there, that I would start a Fitness Friday post, well time flies and guess what it's FRIDAY, so throw out the diets, gym time you put in and make sure you are eating out at work today, grazing on the cupcakes and cookies and chocolate your co-worker brought in.  Well if we did all that I personally would have to change my plan to Fat Friday and I've already been on the 265 side, I like this side better.

So an update so far for the week on my Fitness Goals for the week.
  • Lose 3 lbs
  • Walk a total of 15 miles
  • Cook a Paleo/Gluten Free Dessert
  • Eat Paleo Dinner when going out March 8th
I usually don't like to include weight loss as one of my goals for the week, but I wanted to get a head start on my March goals and this is the head start i needed and I don't weigh myself daily so this is a tbd, this coming Tuesday.

I am on a good pace to walk 15 miles for the week, I'm currently standing at 9.29 miles on my after work walks and my usually long walks are on Saturday and Sunday.  

Cook a Paleo/Gluten Free Dessert.  My wife has requested the Coconut Cream Pie I did last time, but I want to mix it up.  I just bought Almond Flour(the most expensive thing in the world) so I want to try and include that in the mix, but I'm planning on probably doing this on Sunday with my extra time from not having a basketball game this week.

Eat Paleo when we go out for my wife's birthday on March 8th, time will tell.  Which should be fine,  I'm sticking to meat and veggies and my drinks will be wine, water, or tea.  My breakdown might be "helping the wife" with dessert.

Just a quick recap for the week so far, I happy to be working towards the Fitness Friday Goal.

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