Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Fitness is Coming to a Close-How Did I Do You Ask

I started on a journey and just a short 40 days ago and along the way I have been making weekly goals.  I have reached some and failed on a couple others.  The end goal is weight loss and better health and fitness, here's a summary.

My end of March goals look like this.  While I have a couple days left, not much is happening in these 2 days to make or break me.  Let's go through them.

Goal #1 Biggest Loser Competition.   I have lost exactly 0 pounds, so this is major failure on my end, I have maintained along the way.  Along the way I have tried a couple things including extra walking and push-ups.  I have tried a week of skipping breakfast with intermittent fasting and recently going back to my bacon and eggs in the morning.  All in all, I have ate well, but more like a 70/30 Paleo lifestyle, with some epic failures on St. Patrick's Day.

End of March Goals
  • Lose 8 lbs which should put me right around 215 lbs
  • Walk a total of 60 miles(keep track on Nike app) this is Mon-Fri after work and all day Sat-Sun, morning walks will not count since it's 5:30 am and I'm lucky to know I'm wearing clothes to go outside
  • Add in 2 sets of (push ups, sit ups, body squats)

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Goal #2 And I Would Walk 100 hundred Miles and I would Walk 100 More(that's a song kids).  I did it!  I reached my goal, actually I have been doing great on my goal.  I am currently at 62.73 miles and climbing, that's with forgetting to use my Nike running app.  If walking were the only way to weight loss I would have lost 50 pounds.  I am the old man on the right in the picture if anyone is curious.

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Goal #3 Do as many push-ups and squats to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I had my ups and downs but I have done an estimated 550 push-ups and squats throughout the month, which breaks down to about 20 push-ups/sits each day.  I cannot say this is the 2 sets of exercise daily, but I can say I am closer to look like this handsome young Arnold on the right.

So what now?  Should I just give up because I haven't lost weight, can I get a he-double hockey sticks NO!  I used to weigh 265 pounds, honestly it could have been more who knows, I wasn't exactly jumping to get on the scale.  The things that worked best for me was cutting out as much sugar as possible, living in Miami where I sweated out 2 pounds a day by just breathing, and riding by bike everywhere and working out more.  Well I'm not ready yet for biking everywhere especially right now, but I am keeping track of my sugar intake and looking to reduce any added sugars and even keep the natural sugars as low as possible.  I'm not that familiar with what regular sugar intake should be, but over the last 3 days I'm averaging 60-70g a day.  According to an article here, it says to get your sugar intake to below 40g total, which seems very reasonable for what I have been doing since a nutty bar and gelato were included in the last 3 days.  For this week I am also weighing myself every morning trying to make weight loss a conscious effort.  I am going to keep this going for 2 weeks, so here's to losing a few pounds and being proud to share it with everyone.

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