Friday, May 28, 2010

Life is an every day struggle

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, other times you are Pedro Cerrano in Major League and you can't hit the curve ball. That's exactly how I feel sometimes with job opportunities. I apply and they say curve ball you are not XYZ we cannot hire you. Every job that I have ever had although it is few I have excelled and been well liked by everyone. So sometimes it is frustrating to receive a call or not receive a call and not receive a job that you would flourish in.

The great thing about this analogy is sooner or later you hit that curve ball it is just probability and statistics. The ball will hit the bat and I will do great in that job. So although it is a struggle I still feel like everyone has struggles they just work there way through them. If you want to be successful you have to and that's exactly what I want to be I just want to be I just want to be successful (song).

Business News

The NBA Draft is fast upon us and I own a great website for the potential #1 pick in the NBA. I have contacted his agent via email about possibly purchasing the website, I am thinking about having a friend who was an agent previously talk with them for sale of the website.

Lawn Mowing is going good. I have 2 properties on the books and unfortunately 2 properties that fell through, but through no fault of my own. One property her husband hired someone before she contacted me and the other property asked me to come on the same day he called me, which happened to be Mother's Day and a day I worked 7 hours, I went the next day and failed to talk with him again.


Weight loss has been great and I have even been running 5 miles once a week, but my eating habits are not a great as when I first started. My major concerns are eating late and eating too much of the healthy food (I mean healthy food has calories too. I am still hoping to be under 240 by my birthday, something like 235 would be great, but I would accept just losing weight this week. I have noticed gains in strength and it would probably be even more if my shoulder didn't start to act up. So overall things are good I just need to stick with the program and make sure I workout everyday.

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