Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Update

I have been kinda stingy with my blog posts. Overall I have been doing great. I lost 14 pounds in one month, been hitting up the gym 3 times a week, running or riding my bike 2 or 3 times a week, and eating healthy. Sugarbusters works, it is a simple idea that I follow very closely. Basically only eat whole wheat carbs, eat lot of fruits and vegetables besides potatoes and corn, don't eat anything with added sugars, and lose weight. It has worked; the better I eat the more I lose weight.

My new struggle is eating too much of the good stuff.
I have to be careful and eat in moderation and measurements like I was when I first started. This week I have challenged myself to a weight loss of 6 pounds by my birthday, which is incredibly possible. I plan to workout a little more and start adding 2 workouts a day this week to really work off the weight. I did a 2 a day on Friday where I ran 5 miles and hours later I did my usual 8 to be Great workout routine, I was spent and feel it today, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

In the 2 a day workouts I plan to do my usual 8 to be Great, but then add some cardio or I would like to add either a group class or interval training where I do explosive jumps for 30 seconds, followed by jump rope for 30 seconds, push-ups for 30 sec, and 30 sec of abs. This would really get me sweating and a great workout.

Personal Finance Update

This month has been good with extra money so far, however I have 2 added bills for this month, one for insurance and one to renew the license on the Benzo de Lorenzo. This will cost an extra $160-$200 and the insurance will be reoccurring for 6 months at $110-150, which is the last thing I need for my budget. Also I have a cut of hours for the next 2 weeks, which will not hurt immediately, but will have effects as time moves forward. I am currently looking for other work or even full-time work. I would love to get a 40 hour a week job and then use my money from my part time job to help pay my credit card bills.

I am still working on downgrading from the Benzo to a more affordable vehicle. I have only listed the car on Craigslist and have not had any success. I have reduced the asking price and just recently added in my title Motivated Seller. Another expense that will be added will be my student loans starting again in June. I need to look into paying a smaller amount at this time so I can reduce my budget. The interest rate is so low on these loans that the less I can pay on these and the more on my higher rated credit cards the better.

These next couple of months as always I need to really keep track of my budget and do what I can to make it as I look for more more dollars in the bank account. I did a great job of paying extra on my credit cards, but this month I have done less due to the concern of upcoming months where I will need the extra money. I have some decisions to make but above all I need to keep the budget tight and look for other ways to bring in the dollars.

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