Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Makes You Consistent?

So I would say my most difficult problem is getting in a ritual or a routine and being consistent.  I think it affects me on a daily basis.  How do I challenge myself to stay consisten or more importantly how do you?

My understanding is people who are skinny or in shape for the most part have a ritual or a routine on when they workout or what they eat, I lack that.  It is difficult for me to do anything without getting results in a short period of time.  I think for this reason, I am not in top shape, workout regularly, or stay focused one item.

I feel like I am all over the place with things, almost easily distracted.  A great example would be this blog, I would love to write 1x a week or more, but I have trouble being consistent.  I started setting a reminder on my phone to write a blog, so this is my attempt to be consistent with this.

I think alot of this comes down to a little old saying that Nike has "Just Do It".  I think then you create a ritual or routine out of habit.  This blog article is all over the place, but what do you differently that makes you consistent?  Whether it's going to the gym, not eating cookies for dinner, or whatever makes you consistent, share with me please!!!!


  1. Well, I have a few methods:
    1. Think of the end of it. Let's say the gym. Sometimes when I don't want to go, I say that it's only an hour and it'll be over soon. That's on a pessimistic day.
    2. I think of the consequences if I do/don't do it. I get bad heartburn from eating too much bread. So when I'm about to overindulge, I think about how crappy it feels afterwards.
    3. I think of the positives! I feel better about myself for completing a task, I feel more powerful (task, gym, or cookie refrain), I feel like I do in fact have the ability to change my life the way I want to.

    I kind of look past the actual event and into what the future brings if I do or don't do something. As for the gym, I can feel pretty positive during it so that's a bonus!

  2. I like it, the catch 22 attitude or a Murphy's law type of an answer, if that makes sense at least in my eyes!