Sunday, July 28, 2013

Creating a Business Multiple Revenue Streams-30 Day and 45 Day Update

Well I haven't created the next Google or Nike, but I have doing well with my side hobby(can't call it a business just yet).  My goal if I didn't type it the computer("the files are in the computer", name that movie?)  was to sell 1K worth of items on eBay, i switched that about 2/3 of the way through to make 1K profit, because for all anyone knew I could be spending 4K but selling 1K worth of items, that's not very impressive.

Well Said Sir, Well Said
I am happy to report I failed!  Well not exactly, I did reach my original goal of 1K in sales, but it did take me and extra 5 days to reach the 1K mark.  I have had over 100 items listed in my store called GQ Casual , give it a look if you would like, pretty much all Men's Clothing.

I would love to say I bought some used clothes yesterday and threw them on eBay the next day and I made a killing.  I have been doing this off and on since college, mostly with new clothes in college and used clothes over the last couple years.  I used a lot of trial and error, research, and knowledge about brands, sports, and what guys like to wear(hint I don't buy skinny jeans).  It took me time to develop a template for the items and change things like adding logos, telling why I sell on eBay "the man fund", and I even used to wash and steam almost every item I had, crazy amount of time.

Headquarters, Beats Me
EBay is not for everyone, taking the pictures, finding the items, shipping, listing the items this all takes time, but I enjoy 90% of it(listing it, not so fun).  As of right now I know this can make me money, not quit my day job money, but enough to have some extra money on the side to be used for whatever I want, whether it's paying off debt, going to a comedy show, or buying something I like and want.  Only time will tell on what I plan to do with this stream of revenue, but I do know it's currently coming in and I'm happy doing it.

Is there a business or hobby on the side that you do that makes money?  Tell me more about it, I love to see comments.

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