Monday, August 6, 2012

Fitness-Joe Rogan Made Me Do It

I have been listening to Podcasts like it's 1994 and I only have one CD.  Also by the way my first CD, Coolio It Takes a Thief.

I listen to lots of genres, sports, business, comedy.  Today and throughout the last 2 weeks I have been listening to Joe Rogan, yes that crazy mofo from Fear Factor(shown below) or for you fighting nuts, he commentates for the MMA.

So he is on some crazy stuff  Just in general, but he's a smart dude who researches everything and has his beliefs.  So although pretty intense he is fun to listen to.  So who does he has on his show but a paleontology diet guy, so I get excited and listen to all this eat like a cavemen diet info.  One word, SOLD. 

Well about 15 Google searches later and I will be going for a week of a combination of Vegan and Fruitarianism, leaning towards the later.  Here are a couple Wikipedia links to give you a general description of the diets.  I will write a blog every day, but I will not publish them all until I get back from Nicaragua.  So Monday-Friday, Vegan/Fruitaranism.  I am not trying to save the world, I love steak, burgers, turkey, I could actually go on an all meat diet, but for another day.  Just doing this because I need a change.  Let's do this.


  1. lol I doubt this is going to work on you vacation to Nicaragua...planning on taking you to meat heaven! Jesse agrees with me ;)

    1. Maybe next week will be the Paleo Diet, that's all meats, fruits, and vegetables. Caveman style! That's what Joe Rogan's podcast was actually about.