Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Change Your Ways

How do I know I changed my lifestyle with food and working out. Here are a couple of examples.

Working out

1) I refuse to go lift less than 3 days a week( I went 2 days in a row this week and 1 time at 11 p.m.) I know try and keep your workouts the same time but I'm still going right!!!

2) I recognize more than half of the people at the gym when I go

3) I wear workout gloves to the gym and keep them in my car

4) I now know the weights I use when I lift, instead of omg this is too heavy what was I thinking

5) I plan my day around the gym, which means I actually go all the time


1) When I order Subway I order a 6 inch sub so I will eat less or it becomes lunch and dinner( This is Fitness and Finance)

2) I order fruit or a salad with every meal instead of the junk they serve like fries(unless there sweet potato fries)

3) All of the soda and potato chips are hidden somewhere in the house and I have no idea where

4) I think Crystal Light might be the best beverage since the invention of beer

5) I eat almost the same portion size as my girlfriend

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