Friday, June 18, 2010

Money Matters

So I have been talking a good game about making more money but i have not done enough to bring in the necessary money. I am waiting on a position that I truly want and would solve a lot of the shortage of money that I have. I recently have been doing well at my current position with sales, but this is not enough to pay the bills.

If the position does not come through that I would like, I really need to consider other options. The lawn mowing which is speratic at best(as it picked up after I wrote this), I would like to use that for credit card payment only. Other options that I need to look into include working at a restaurant as a server or bartender. This will give me flexibility and bring in immediate cash. I applied for a couple of positions at the golf course and plan as soon as I find out more about the position I am waiting on to start asking about caddying in the mean time. Plus caddying could put me in touch with more business contacts. Those are the 2 main jobs that I could see myself involved in.

So many things depend on the position I am waiting for. I don’t just want a job, I want something I really would love to do. I saw a sign that said we work 66% of our lives do something you love. I couldn’t agree more. God always knows what is best for you, I will put it in his hands and doing my best in the mean time. Yours Truly, Steven Donovan

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