Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finding Your Calling

Over my time in Miami I have said over and over that the best way for me to be successful is to start my own business. I have dabbled in lawn care and from time to time auction some items on Ebay for profit, bought a domain name, and tried to start an AAU program with big hopes and lots of failure. What I have found out about myself and what I keep going back to is my love and passion for sports.

I have been really focused on working out and learning different ways to get in shape, now I don’t feel like I am in good enough shape right now to be a personal trainer. But what I would like to do is really focus on training for athletics. I would like to teach the game of basketball on an individual basis, with specific sports training being the focus. In laymen terms I would like to work with basketball and/or football players and work on individual skill improvement on the court but also off the court with strength and agility.

I am soon to be working with an individual for individual basketball instruction and hopefully I can get a feel for how I can develop this individual into the best player he can be. I need to look more into strength training and start researching books and stopping in at colleges to see what they do to develop and strength train college athletes.

An individual that I have been researching is Alan Stein. He is a strength and conditioning coach for one of the top high school basketball schools in the nation. He has done countless DVDs, camps, clinics, and more. He is someone that I would like to use as a mentor or person to emulate.

The main point is I will be following up more with the Fitness as a business and in my life. Vive la fitness or Vive el ejercisio. Steven Donovan present and accounted for. Thanks for reading.

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