Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I really want to do a triathlon. I have had friends do them, all a little less than 6’0” and probably in between 140-175 would be my guess. Needless to say they are in very good shape and all 3 are good athletes. So I have began to think about training for a triathlon.

What I am really worried about is the time commitment. Training for a tri, the usual training is 12 weeks long and 6 days a week. I currently lift weights 3 times a week, run once or twice, bike ride once or twice, and play another sport once. So to go from what I do, to really focusing on only swimming, running, and biking. I’m not sure if I am ready for it.

My main concern is the swimming. The gym that I currently use does not have a pool and the closest gym with this takes some time to get to. This is probably all excuses to not train for a tri. I have considered at least running a half marathon so I can establish myself in a race setting.

I currently run right around 5 miles a week so I don’t believe the running for the tri would be very difficult. I want train for the sprint which the running is usually around 3 miles, the biking is about 12-15, and the swimming I believe is ½ mile(I can’t even comprehend what that actually means in terms of what I can do).

So I guess at this point I believe I need to add something to my workouts and go from there. I think the best thing I can do is add to my workouts and see what happens. The gym with the swimming pool is close to where I work so the best thing to do would be after every time I close to go to the gym and swim(rhyming at not charge).

So it has been decided I am going to start upping my workout regimen.

• I will be lifting 3 days a week(riding my bike to and from whenever possible)
• I will be swimming after work(2 days during the week)
• I will be running 2 times(where as before it was 1 and the start of 2 times)
• I will be playing basketball or cardio after I lift for 20-30 min(whenever time permits)

Ok my version of tri training has begun and my workouts will intensify. Signed, sealed , and delivered, Steven Donovan

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