Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sex Sells

After watching a local kiosk sell some sort of cream or lotion crap, I noticed something. Now this is not a surprise to most of you, but Sex Sells. I don't care if you are selling to the opposite sex or the same sex, people gravitate to attractive people. The kiosk at the mall brought on a cute girl and she was doing much better than the other people who were there previously and then then they brought on an even better looking saleswoman. What happened you ask? Yes more people stop and listen to the pretty young lady.

Does this means she sells more, that I cannot answer. I truly believe that you still need effective sales skills and preferably a good product. But if you need to sell anything I am convinced it would help to have an attractive sales staff to bring more people in. I mean on commercials for products you always see beautiful people, models and actors/actresses, SEX SELLS!!!

This will not work for every product, but it will certainly have a positive effect on most of them, especially anything that deals with beauty. Sell clothes, shoes, accessories, then you need to have a sexy sales staff. Do you need a sexy staff if you mow lawns, probably not unless you are selling to single housewives and you offer to mow the lawn with your shirt off. I have even seen a company that advertised women in bikinis mowing lawns, not that I would use them but I can see where that would be enticing. I mean if you want people in your bar or restaurant have a beautiful staff, they will come. Hooters is a great example of sex sells. Is there food good sure it's good, but just like Playboy says I just read the articles. The truth is Sex Sells!!! A basketball coach told me that an ice cream shop was owned by an old man and he used to only hire very well endowed women, sure did get his business. So you get the idea. If you are starting a business or already own one make sure to think about putting a little sexy into your business.

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