Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Consistent

One of my biggest enemies is consistency. I can eat great all week Monday-Friday and then come Saturday I have had 6 beers, Ate 7 hotdogs(impressive right), ate a whole wheel of cheese(thank you Will Ferrell), and had a late night snack of a bag of Doritos. So whether it is eating, excercising, job/business ideas I lose my focus.

I am perfect for spending 8 hours researching a business idea and then doing one part of it and moving on to another idea. A great example is my website(I have not forgot about you baby) I have worked hours on putting it together and was consistent for a small portion of time, but I have not touched it in over a week. Now I’m sure I have some valid excuses but that’s all they really are is excuses. I am putting it on hold right now, with other more important matters.

So I have to start somewhere and regain the grip known as consistent. This topic does have some involvement in developing a routine, because if you do something over and over you are being consistent.

My Model Example My Guru-Nathan

I want to give an example of consistent and a developed routine involving excercise. My friend Nathan is in great shape, I mean borderline abs model(yes you are that attractive, lol yes i did it don’t judge me). But what he does is the same thing every day. He wakes up does some pushups, stretches, cardio type excercise for about 15-30 minutes. He eats healthy and often, but for breakfast it’s usually the same thing cereal. He rides his bike to work/school he competes in tri-athlons(yes his real name is Clark Kent). Then on a daily basis he works out whether it is running, biking, swimming, lifting weights or a combination of 2 or 3 of them he works out religously. He is athletic, but he is so consistent that he is great shape. That is my goal to be in great shape. Learn from the best, learn from a guru.


Ok really boring day at the mall, but I have seen excitement in small parts today. I saw security(not uniformed so you know they were like detectives) catch a thief and then accuse them and ask questions right in front of me, my heart was racing a little. It also made me realize why I gave up stealing guns and running drugs at the age of 8.

Next I look up and I’m not sure but I think the entire Abercrombie model catalog just walk by I was caught a little off guard because in Miami I see models and people who literally dress up in the same clothes they go the club in as they go the mall.

Last and hopefully not the last thing today. I saw a break up in front of Pac Sun. Not the only one I have seen, but when it’s an employee it ups the fight. Not really any yelling(boo thats no fun), but some loud talking about how I don’t want you followed by some following and then the (always my favorite) the "fine F*** you or I don’t need you anyways or I’m glad we are done". Classic simply Classic.

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