Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Weekly Goals Fitness and Financially


· Complete my 5 lbs weight loss by Wednesday after my workout. Also to work towards losing 5 more lbs by the following week.

· Complete my 8 to be Great Workout 3 days this week. Stay Consistent.

· Do other exercise 3 other days this week.
Ride my bike, go for a run, play basketball, do a little bit everyday.

· Stick with my Sugar Busters diet.
I believe it works, eat less, eat less sugar, and eat healthy. Make sure I am not eating after 8 p.m. I broke this rule twice this week and although it was celery and peanut butter and some nuts, it was still breaking what my goal was.


· Complete all Ebay transactions. This will help with paying off my debt.

· Be careful with spending to much on gas.

· Figure out what I want to do with extra money coming in. Does it go for debt, income needed to pay bills in upcoming months, emergency fund?

· Focus on selling my car. It will help greatly with my budget.

· Read at least one personal finance book.

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