Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pay it off today, are you kidding me

So today’s society is all about I want it now. So when I initially looked over my credit cards and debt. I wanted to pay it today and have it be done with. REALITY CHECK!!! If I took over 7 years off and on to accumulate all of my debt, it is completely unrealistic to think that I can pay it off within a short period of time. Especially with the amount of money I am currently making, but even if I was making a lot more it still would not be payed off today.

The best thing you can do is attack your debt with as much ferocity as you can, then just make sure to keep going at with that same I hate you mentality. Recently I have sold things that I did not need so I could pay off debt. Now will I be able to sell things I own in month 8, probably not. But if you are paying attention to major purchases or your grocery bill you could pay your debt even faster. Shop around for cheaper insurance, just because your parents used American Family Insurance does not mean you have to. Shop around and check Geico, Progressive, State Farm, it could save you $20 or maybe $500 you don’t know unless you check it out.

So I have been off to a great start with paying off my debt and I look forward to the update on May 1 to show how much I payed off in just one month. Hopefully I wil be able to keep up with that same I hate debt attitude each and every month. Pay it off today, no, but pay it off someday soon I sure hope so.

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