Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No Junk Food

So what is junk food? I think we all have a pretty good idea what it is, but here is a refresher list.

· Chips-I don’t care if they are fat free or reduced fat they are chips

· Soda- I love Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew you name it but it’s liquid death

· Candy- This can include ice cream, skittles, snickers, all the stuff that you used to eat on a daily basis when you were in school

· Fried- French fries, Beer battered fish(Wisco people know), and everything else that you can probably get at a bar or get as an appetizer at Applebee’s.

· Fast Food- If you don’t go to McDonald’s or Taco Bell you will probably save money and live a healthier life. Think about a regular meal has fried food, soda, and fast food as my listed Junk Foods. Avoid, treat it like they spit in your food or throw it on the floor because chances are they just might.

Ok so we have the BIG 5, for junk food. Avoid Avoid Avoid. Easier said than done.

Here is a couple of tips I use to stop the Junk Food

1. Don’t Buy The Stuff, if it’s not in your house you reduce the chances to under 10%(no scientific research done that just what I think).

2. Ok you or your roommate bought some junk food, Hide It. Sounds crazy but if your hungry and all you see is fruit and vegetables and the junk food is hidden upstairs in a box somewhere you probably will not run upstairs and play Hide and Seek with the Doritos.

3. Pack your lunch for work-Brown Bag It. I know you have to wake up 15 minutes early put together a turkey sandwich, grab an orange/apple, and grab or fillup a water. Crazy Talk I tell you. Save Money and Get Fit, the whole point to my blog people or person if I have only one reader.

4. Make a cheat day/cheat meal. Ok I have not had great success with this, but if you are relatively healthy why not take a Saturday at a ballgame/mall and have some nachos and a coke/beer or have a starbucks(yes that’s fast food) latte and a brownie. Also I said a beer not a six pack.

5. Make a deal with yourself. You are only allowed to eat fast food/candy/soda whatever it is, if someone buys it for you. So not only will you save money but really what are the chances that your friends(not girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife that’s not allowed) buy you McDonald’s 3 times a week? I’m guessing 2.3%(It’s a fact or the exact opposite).

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