Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Day at the Beach

So what is better, cheaper, and more exercise than a day at the beach? I don’t think anything is. Today I ate a healthy meal, tanned on the beach, went swimming, and walked around the beach.

What was the cost? Nothing but gas money, parking, and food. So if you used your regular groceries it cost you nothing out of the ordinary. Parking cost a total of $5.00 all day. Gas money, since the beach is like 20 or 30 minutes away I’m guessing it cost 2 or 3 gallons of gas at the very most. So gas, parking, and food all for under $20.00 sounds like a great way to be healthy and put a couple of dollars in your pocket.

My thoughts on the beach and exercise

I have never seen a fat surfer or someone who does water-sports. So that is just another reason why going to the beach or getting on the boat or surfboard is one of the best exercises you can do. I mean with surfing you are swimming with only your arms over and over to try and catch a wave. Then after you have swam out with your board you have to time your wave, which means some more paddling and then when you catch the wave you have to try and push your body weight up and maintain balance. Surfing really works your core muscles. A lot of twisting and turning keeping your abs tight and flexed almost at all times.

Another thought about the beach is it makes you self conscience about working out, but at the same time you let go of yourself because it is a place to have fun. You are not competing against Mr. Gold’s Gym wearing a size medium with his XL body. Run around like a kid, swim in the lake or ocean and soak up some sun.

Lastly my theory of a tan.

I have said this for the last 15 years. A tan increases your looks from 5-10%. So if you are an 8 and kinda pasty, head out to the beach and get that extra .5 or full 1.0 that you have been wasting on lotions and creams. But please don’t just lie there, run around a little, exercise and enjoy yourself. The theory of tan has spoken.

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