Sunday, April 11, 2010

Making Extra Cash thru Amazon

After going through some of my business ideas, I realized that I needed to make money now. Alot of my business ideas are more for building up a business. Most of us want instant gratification, I want it now type of attitude and I am no different.

After reading a financial blog Get Rich Slowly (one of my favorites), I came across a good article giving a couple of ideas for making extra money. One thing that I had plans to do, but just needed a little motivation was to sell my books that I had either bought or had been given as a gift(I don’t really believe in buying books, but more on that later). So I decided to post them on Amazon.

Putting them on Amazon was a fairly easy process. You need a seller id/account which I already had from some of the Amazon links you see here. Next was to list the books. All you really needed is the title or ISBN number and to put a price on them. I know everyone wants to get what they paid for the books, but I went with the method of put the lowest price listed.

Now Amazon gets a commission for selling your book on there forum. They charge a certain amount for shipping to the customer and give you a reimbursement for what it will cost you to ship the product(I will give more detail as I sell the books). So maybe you only make $2 or $3 dollars, but how many times do you read a book. Plus I am willing to bet your local library has the same book that you can read again.

Sales update. I posted about 20 books yesterday around 6 pm and before the night was over I sold 4 books, so to me it already has been worth it. Now I just have to figure out the cheapest way to send the books via USPS.

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