Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death to Sugar

Yes it’s like that sugar don’t start with me. So you know how you read or see people have that moment where they get fed up or are scared to death and change. That’s what happened to me.

It may seem simple or not much to have such a moment, but I went to the gym and was just finishing up my workout and I gained a pound from l believe a couple days ago but it may have been a week. I was so upset that I made a promise to myself that I am changing my lifestyle/eating habits/excercise what ever you want to say. I am losing f***ing weight. The title was almost F*@& Fat, but I toned it down a little.

So I am kicking up the workouts a little bit and really focusing on eating. The workouts will remain the same but I will add some cardio in my off days(everyday that I’m not lifting). I will also add some cardio before and/or after my lifting working outs. Like yesterday I biked to and from the gym and also played basketball for 15-20 minutes.

Death to Sugar Diet Plan-ok it’s called Sugar Busters and here it is:

· Only eat natural sugars ie fruit, vegetables

· Don’t eat bad carbs ie white rice, potatoes, white bread, corn(idk that’s what it says)

· Eat whole wheat and avoid sugars ie plain oatmeal, whole wheat bread

· Don’t drink soda it’s bad for you and has way to much sugar

The idea is eat less of the sugar filled crap and you will lose weight and become healthier. I paged through the book it’s all about only natural sugars and eating right. I will let you know how it goes, hopefully better than my Special K Diet which I failed miserably.

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