Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have great news I lost 5lbs!!!!! It took me a week, but I am off to a great start. I have been eating healthy and working out(missed one workout). I even took a 12 mile bike ride down to Coconut Grove. Be consistent.

Money Updates

I officially listed the Benzo de Lorenzo for sale on craigslist yesterday and will be hoping for the best. I considered going to CarMax but after reading terrible reviews I opted to not go through the hassle.

Money Reminder

Make sure you are contributing to your 401k with at least the company match. You are giving away free money if you don't participate. Don't worry so much about what you put your money in(index fund or total fund) just putting money in your 401k makes you money, decreases your AGI, which makes taxes less now and when you do your year-end taxes. Plus if they match your contributions you are doubling the money you put in and also receiving tax deferred savings. It's the best of both worlds, sign up, pretty please.

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