Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Goals

Well this past week despite being sick which limited my workouts I lost 3.5 pounds, bringing the total to 8.5 pounds for the week. My goal for this week is 5.5 pounds, I am going to try and lose an extra half pound this week to make up for last week.

I have really been getting on the bike to work out. I would like to add some more basketball or running workouts to keep my body guessing.

My 8 to be Great has been going, well GREAT.
I have been able to switch up different exercises to keep everything fresh and new. Here are a couple exercises I have used listed below.

Abs- I started using a kettle-ball and Bosu balance ball to work on my core. It involves taking the kettle ball and wrapping it around your body from your stomach to your back all while maintaining your balance on the Bosu ball(half moon looking ball).

Chest- I have been doing a lot of incline dumbbell presses to increase my strength, but because I have been feeling sick and did not want to use any heavy weights, I did push-ups. But instead of regular push-ups I got on the basketball court and would do one push-up and take my right arm/right leg and move it to the right then move my left arm/left leg and move it to the right and then do another push-up. After doing just 15 of these I was absolutely exhausted(maybe the sickness had something to do with it, but I doubt it).

Legs- So I have been using a lot of explosive movements for my legs including plyometrics. I would grab 10-15 pound weights and perform step ups on a 12in-24in platform, then quick steps with the same weight, then jump up with the weights on the 12 in platform and then step-ups on the 24 in platform. It keeps you moving for some cardio, great explosive exercise, and changes things up.

Just remember eating is the real key. If I eat whatever I want I will not lose any weight, but if I eat right I will either lose or stay the same weight, but if I add working out to that weight loss happens. I have to be disciplined, I have to stay dedicated and committed.

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