Wednesday, March 31, 2010

99 Gym Visits on the Wall, 99 Gym Visits on the Wall, Take One Down

So I went to the gym yesterday, hooray for me. But it was a good workout I’m starting to fine tune the 8 is Great Workout. It consists of 8 exercises averaging 8 repetitions for 3 sets. Here is a little taste.

· Body Area Worked: Chest

Type of Lift: Incline Dumbbell Press

· BAW: Bicep

TOL: Easy Grip Barbell Curl

· BAW: Lats

TOL: Lat Pulldowns

· BAW: Tricep

TOL: Single Arm Cable Pressdowns

· BAW: Shoulders

TOL: Military Press

· BAW: Abs

TOL: On Ab Ball Front/Left Side/Fight Side Crunches

· BAW: Legs

TOL: Hack Squat

· BAW: Legs

TOL: Deadlift/Lunge Explosions

That is the workout, you can start with any lift and change up the Type of Lift with barbell, dumbbell, or machine. Whatever you feel comfortable with to start. I like the saying of it’s hard to do it’s worth doing. Stay tuned as I give different exercises, warm-ups, and cardio that I use in my workout. 8 to be Great.

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