Friday, March 19, 2010

Business Idea Friday #2

As I did last year the beginning of the NCAA tournament I become very lazy and watch basketball all day, I would like to think of it as tradition. Since I have not been doing alot I have been trying to work on some things on the computer.

So I have turned my focus to basketball and the internet. I am big on making websites for up and coming basketball stars. Because there is so much to figure out about a player before he gets to college I believe during his first year you get a pretty good idea who is going to be a star.

Business idea, retail merchandise throwback t shirts. The idea is to take where the player went to high school ie WORD OF GOD ACADEMY as the front of the shirt. The back of the shirt would say "WHERE IT ALL BEGAN" or something similar. Since I'm assuming you would not be able use the players name, you could not display it or you could promote a website ie

Focus. One thing I have struggled with is focus on an idea. I will come up with 100 things and try to do a little bit of everyone and get know where. I am focusing on 2 or 3 ideas and seeing what works.

How to Make it in America a show on HBO is a good watch. A line struck me and really hit home. It went something like this, “Everyone has ideas, but know one wants to put in the work”. Whatever idea you have stick with it, try it out, go until failure. Failure breeds success as long as you learn from it.

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