Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Totally Meatless Tuesday

So it’s a little cheesy but I couldn’t be any more creative with the title. The title says it all, I’m eating no meats today, nada, nunca, nothing. I will be eating alot of fruits and vegetables that is for sure. I have not decided what protein I will put into my diet, because I am limited with what I have in the house. I’m sure it will taste great whatever I have. Here are a couple of ideas for good sources of protein.

• Eggs-Make an omelet
• Milk
• Peanut butter-PB and J so good
• Cheese-Grilled cheese sandwich
• Protein shake(kinda obvious)

I’m not going Vegan or Vegetarian, I barely even know what they eat. But it’s a great way to mix up your eating habits and maybe put you on track to lose a couple of pounds. Prince Fielder did it why can’t you and I.

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