Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Special K Diet, Does it Really Work?

So most diets are a gimmick that get you to lose weight with eating things that you normally wouldn’t eat. I mean the grapefruit diet sounds absolutely horrible and makes my face pucker like the bitter beer face commercial.

So for the next week (maybe 2 weeks) I will go on the Special K Diet that is on the back of the cereal box. I mean it came from a cereal box it must work. Lose 6 pounds in up to 2 weeks is the claim. I will post my weight tomorrow (yes it must be done) and give you a weekly update. Here is the general guidelines of what they expect you to do.

· Eat Special K products. Cereal, bars, waffles, protein shakes, crackers, granola bars, whatever says Special K consider it part of the diet. I’m sure this diet has nothing to do with them making money it’s all about being healthy.

· Breakfast. For breakfast you have the choice of eating cereal with skim milk (one serving, which means half of what I usually eat) or the choice of Special K waffles. Good news is you can have all of this with fruit.

· Snack. The snack can be almost any Special K product. Granola, bars, crackers, the list is pretty long.

· Lunch. Once again they offer is Special K cereal or a meal replacement bar or I believe a protein shake with fruit. Seems pretty simple so far.

· Snack #2. Same old same old. The snack can be almost any Special K product. Go Special K.

· Dinner. Believe it or not they want you to eat your 3rd meal just as you regularly would. I’m sure they don’t want you to overeat, but a regular meal sounds pretty good about now.

· What about drinks? Drink as regular. So I’m assuming a Coke or glass of orange juice is just fine.

So I like cereal and I have 2 boxes of Special K so I’m good there, plus we buy Special K bars in the economy pack so put a check next to that on my grocery list. I will however have to stop at the grocery store and get something to mix it up, protein shake, waffles, meal replacement bar, I don’t think I could have a Special K for 28 out of 42 meals, actually that scares me, but so does having to go on a diet so let’s do this. By the way 254 lbs. wearing clothes and shoes and mid afternoon, see you Monday for the next weigh in.

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