Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day a wonderful time filled with beer and green shirts went well and very cost effective with a little luck, of course. Here are a couple of ideas for next year or whenever you go out.

Cook at home. I cooked corn beef and cabbage, maybe not the healthiest meal but a tasty one(my girlfriend ate a hot dog instead)

Don’t get drunk. I know this may sound crazy to some of my friends, but it’s expensive to buy any drink when you are going out to a bar or club. So why not just have a drink or two and socialize or you can pre-game to save a couple of dollars.

Don’t drive drunk. I know the thought process slows down after a couple of drinks, but why not plan before you go out on getting home. Tickets are expensive and so are lawyers so save some money and have a plan.

Luck of the Irish. So as a couple we had 6 beers which cost $8 (expensive I know). But sometimes you can get lucky, I gave the person a $50 and they gave me $48 back for buying 4 beers. I thought about giving the money back, but I chalked it up to being Irish and counted my blessings.

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