Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making Extra Money

Everyone could use some, that’s for sure. Maybe mowing a lawn here or there, doing someone’s taxes it all adds up. My suggestion is to take something you know and use it to your advantage. If you sell shoes, write a blog on shoes. If you work for a bank teach a business and budgeting course. If you have a passion for something Just Do It. Passion goes a long way when working at something. My passion is basketball and written below is how I hope to plan my summer and make some extra cash.
Dream Big, Really I mean it. Last year around this time I wanted to work the Syracuse Basketball Camp so I emailed the basketball office and asked about working the camp. After everything was said and done I was able to work for my dream basketball camp. Now I did not work this camp to make money if anything I lost a little, but at that time it was like taking a vacation for me.
Plan ahead. One thing I did was email coaches long before June and July when most of the camps take place. I sent out emails some as soon as January. Most basketball camp directors need to have an application or resume and more importantly need to see what kind of numbers they have for the upcoming camps.
Plan your schedule accordingly. For a lot of people who work full-time jobs you need to give notice for vacation. If this is not the case, great, but we still have some work to do. A lot of camps run at the same time so you have to make a choice of which ones accept you and which time frames don’t interfere with one another.
Close to home. Like any job the further you travel from home the more it is going to cost you. So for me a large part of my planning will be to have the basketball camps stay as close to home as possible. The basketball camps that I would like to work in another state, I need to make it work where I can do more than one so I can profit from the situation.
Millionaire in One Week. This is not going to happen. But being able to do something you enjoy and still make some extra cash will pay off a credit card early or buy something that wouldn’t usually be in your budget, you have a budget right?!?!
So the end message no matter what you are trying to do make sure you set goals, plan out everything, don’t spend to much money to make money, and don’t expect to make a huge amount by doing a little bit of work. Stick with those important points and you will Make Some Extra Cash!

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