Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Special K Diet Far From Over

So today is my weigh-in date(NO Weight Change) and I don’t feel like a gave the Special K Diet a fair chance. I feel I did not follow it closely whatsoever. I mean I had extra snacks, extra meals, traded lunch for dinner, it was a diet disaster. So this week I will follow more closely.

As far as the gym I was able to make it one time and worked out one other time outside the gym during the week. So once again a failed week. I am know where near David Beckham. My goal for the week is 3 gym visits and one outside activity.

The website JWALLHOOPS.COM is coming along nicely i started to use a dummied down version of using web design. A lot of Wix is just using cut and paste to put together your website. I do not have a specific date that I would like to have the website published, but I was thinking around the time John Wall declares for the NBA Draft.

As far as other business related topics, I am also putting together a one day basketball camp for boys and girls at a local church. It will give me a great opportunity to Run the Show and give back to the church while earning some extra money. I will keep you updated, but until then it’s gym, diet, and business.

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