Monday, March 29, 2010

When You Get Off the Track Get Right Back On

So after a great day of casual exercise with some push ups my diet was terrible. I tried switching up the Special K diet and it was a terrible idea, I ate a regular lunch and a regular dinner and a half and even dessert. As Charles Barley says, “Terrible, terrible, terrible” but I did not let that get me down today, I got right back on track and have been a perfect angel today, well at least with my diet!

Also on Wednesday I missed the gym, no reason just laziness and today(Friday) I did not wake up early and have to attend a dinner at night after work, so am I going to miss the gym, all signs point to yes, but I’m going to prove my lazy self wrong and go tonight. The girlfriend may not like it now but I have to do it for myself. I mean if you are already skipping days in Week 1, then you are not going to make it. By the way I'm not sure if I'm going to make it.

So Special K Diet I am sorry for cheating on you. I know you promised to be great to me and I failed you hopefully we can stay together and be something special. I heart u, you big box of specialness.

Random Business Idea. I love Miami Trick T-Shirt for Spring Break or whatever catchy slogan idk

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  1. So the realtime update didn't make it to the gym on Friday...and it wasn't because the gf doesn't like but because you had a few mojitos and a cigar in a mansion which made you forget about going to the gym! lol But I like it... getting back on track is always good :)