Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spending a Saturday at Work?

Start your day off right!!!! I know you have heard it before but eat breakfast in the morning and of course make it at your house. I made an orange banana smoothie, which would cost me about $4 at Jamba Juice, but instead I used 2 oranges, 2 bananas, skim milk, sugar, and ice cubes and we(me and girlfriend) had breakfast for a low price I’m guessing under $2 (girlfriend not included).

Wake up early!!! This way you can make a lunch or at least pack one. I brought today a Special K bar for a snack .25, Lunchable for lunch $1, soda .25, apple .50, and a water .25. So my whole lunch cost me approx $2 when bought from the grocery store. It was quick fairly healthy and cheap, can’t beat that.

Best time to workout!!! I’m sure their is some study that says workout in the morning before you eat to get rid of the fat, whatever works for you is my study. What I’m saying is you have to be consistent. If you workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work then do it everytime and most importantly develop a routine. I’m working on developing a routine right now.

Question? Have you ever known someone who told you I workout 3 days a week and eat right all the time and I am fat? Think about it, eat right and workout.

No time for the gym!!! I read in Men’s Fitness the average American watches 21 hours of TV a week. I am definitely above that. I mean I watch alot of sports, work part-time, and really enjoy TV. But I am also overweight and over time have not been going to the gym. I started a log of how much I watch TV. So far Tuesday thru Saturday I have watched 17 hours of TV, and I still went to the gym 3 times(bonus of having a part-time job).

Maybe you should see what you are spending your gym time on. American Idol, Sportscenter, The Bachelorette, etc....

Watch TV at the gym!!! That’s right walk on a treadmill and watch the local news, almost all of the newer clubs have mini TV’s attached to the machine. So no excuses wake up and watch Stuart Scott or Jessica Parker at the gym.

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