Saturday, March 27, 2010

Business Idea Friday #3

Dear Company XYZ I want to be the Jared of Subway for your company. I want to lose weight using your pill, meal plan, exercise equipment, or whatever you sell.

If you believe in your product. I will follow every direction that you give me and I will lose the weight for you. I am not 400 pounds but I was a overweight kid growing up lost some weight in school and then after college continued with being overweight. So I have some weight to lose.

I will document the entire adventure. I will put it on youtube, facebook, twitter, the company’s website, whatever gets the most people to use your product.
• The cost to you. I will work in 30 day periods for your product. The cost is $30 day plus any merchandise that you want me to use or wear to promote the product.
Why should we choose you? I’m an average guy from the Midwest trying to fit in with the South Beach bodies. Good looking guy, late 20’s, without a perfect body. A lot of people believe your product doesn’t work and putting some guy in a magazine that says he lost 30 pounds doesn’t really help your case.

Why this will work? Think of Jared the Subway guy average Joe who ate Subway and lost weight, it is a hit still to this day, not because they used some celebrity, but because they used the product it worked and he had the jeans to prove it.

Why do it your way? A very good example is the guy who wears t shirts to promote your business and puts it on many of the social medias. It is a great way to promote your product at a very low cost, with high rewards.

Contact me at, it will be a great business adventure.

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