Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Business Idea Friday

So I am a person who is always thinking of business ideas, whether I go through with them is another thing.  I decided that my business ideas need to be tried, the greatest successes come from failure.  So “Just Do It”. 

Business Idea #1
  • Buy domain names and sell them later for a profit or create traffic and sell advertising on the website.  The most knowledge I have is usually associated with sports, so I created a website for one of the top players in college basketball, John Wall of Kentucky.  I created the website named

  • My idea is to take the top athletes and buy the domain name of that up and coming athlete.  Seems simple enough, right?  I went to and checked the domain names of high school basketball athletes to purchase.  I took only the top 10 or 15 players in each class to check if the domain name was available.  Almost every name was taken. 

  • That is when I decided to do some research and get creative.  I checked other NBA superstars websites and compared what they have as the official website name.  ie,,  With John Wall his name was already taken along with his current college number.  So I decided to use because the name flows and Derrick Rose, former #1 NBA pick has a similar website. 

  • So my big purchase was a 2 year purchase for $10.99/year for a grand total of $21.98.  I believe it is a rather inexpensive investment that could lead to possible profits.  

  • I am very curious to know what restrictions there are for websites for high school and college athletes.  Also I noticed the websites that were not the official website of the athlete had to mention that in a disclaimer.  If you know more about any of the restrictions and if these websites are bought by athletes or business partners please leave a comment, thank you.

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